Moravian Slovakia belongs to the most imporant folklore areas of the Czech Republic, a location where rich folklore influences the majority of  brass music. Among the most successful musical groups is SOHAJKA from Dolni Bojanovice, from nearby Hodonin.  Sohajka is the winner of folk music contest known as „Gold bugle horn“.  The group has performed at many popular festivals throughout the country.  Sohajka also participated in a number of international performances in Austria, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Spain, France, Norway, Switzarland, Italy, Sweden, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

            In their repertoire are not only songs of regional authors but also compositions of folk classical music and contemporary  popular music. For many years, Sohajka has been working with Czech television and radio stations to record its music on CDs, audiotapes, and videotapes. The band normally performs in compose programs and concerts, but they also indulge in performing for local dances. Sohajka has 11 CDs and tapes of their own and has its songs on at least 10 other CDs.

            The music of Sohajka unique singers, Jozina Duchackova, Renata Jedlickova, and Vojta Duchacek, describes the beauty of folk songs of this region. Sohajka has 12 artists who perform wearing their beautiful national costumes. The band leader, singer, and artistic manager has been Vojtech Duchacek from the beginning of the band in 1982.

The band and their soloist, Jozina Duchackova, were awarded  the Platinum Deska from music publisher Edit for their song „Slysis jak zvoni“. Jozina Duchackova was awared the best female singer of 1998 by the magazine Dechovka. Additionaly, Sohajka is regularly listed as one of the the „Best Folk Band of the Year“ and was nominated for  the Czech Grammy in 1996 in the folk genre category. Throughout 1998 – 1999, Sohajka was the most sucessful band in the folk hitparade on the Czech radio Prague.